Bryce Wood Book Award

À propos du prix

Lors de chaque Congrès international de LASA, Latin American Studies Association présente le Bryce Wood Book Award, décerné à un livre exceptionnel portant sur l’Amérique latine dans le domaine des sciences sociales et humaines et publié en anglais.

Historique des prix


LIVRE GAGNANT: Susan Helen Ellison Domesticating Democracy: The Politics of Conflict Resolution in Bolivia (Duke University Press, 2018)

MENTION HONORABLE: Ana R. Minian Undocumented Lives: The Untold Story of Mexican Migration (Harvard University Press, 2018)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Stephen B. Neufeld The Blood Contingent: The Military and the Making of Modern Mexico, 1876-1911 (University of New Mexico Press, 2017)

MENTION HONORABLE: Candelaria Garay Social Policy Expansion in Latin America(Cambridge University Press, 2017)

MENTION HONORABLE: Ernesto Bassi An Aqueous Territory. Sailor Geographies and New Granada´s Transimperial Greater Caribbean World (Duke University Press, 2017)

MENTION HONORABLE: Jocelyn Olcott International Women´s Year: The Greatest Consciousness-Raising Event in History (Oxford University Press, 2017)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Michael Albertus Autocracy and Redistribution: The Politics of Land Reform (Cambridge University Press)

LIVRE GAGNANT: Barbara E. Mundy The Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan, the Life of Mexico City (University of Texas Press)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Ann Twinam Purchasing Whiteness: Pardos, Mulattos and the Quest for Social Mobility in the Spanish Indies (Stanford University Press)

MENTION HONORABLE: Fabiana Li Unearthing Conflict: Corporate Mining, Activism and Expertise in Peru (Duke University Press)


LIVRE GAGNANT: David Carey Jr. I ask for Justice: Maya Women, Dictators, and Crime in Guatemala, 1898-1944 (University of Texas Press)

LIVRE GAGNANT: Thomas M. Klubock La Frontera: Forest and Ecological Conflict in Chile’s Frontier Territory (Duke University Press)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Lillian Guerra Visions of Power in Cuba: Revolution, Redemption, and Resistance, 1959-1971 (University of North Carolina Press)

MENTION HONORABLE: Marc Hertzman Making Samba: A New History of Race and Music in Brazil (Duke University Press)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Joanne Rappaport and Tom Cummins Beyond the Lettered City: Indigenous Literacies in the Andes (Duke University Press, 2012)

MENTION HONORABLE: Isaac Campos Home Grown: Marijuana and the Origins of Mexico's War on Drugs (The University of North Carolina Press, 2012)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Jody Pavilak Mining for the Nation: The Politics of Chile’s Coal Communities from the Popular Front on the Cold War

MENTION HONORABLE: Kathryn Burns Into the Archive: Writing and Power in Colonial Peru

MENTION HONORABLE: James Mahoney Colonialism and Development:Spanish America in Comparative Perspective


LIVRE GAGNANT: Brian DeLay War of a Thousand Deserts

MENTION HONORABLE: Lauren Derby The Dictator's Seduction: Politics and the Popular Imagination in the Era of Trujillo


LIVRE GAGNANT: Winifred Tate Counting the Dead: The Culture and Politics of Human Rights Activism in Colombia

MENTION HONORABLE: Carmelo Mesa Lago Reassembling Social Security: A Survey of Pensions and Health Care Reforms In Latin America


LIVRE GAGNANT: Myrna I. Santiago The Ecology of Oil: Environment, Labor, and the Mexican Revolution, 1900-1938

MENTION HONORABLE: Steve J. Stern Battling for Hearts and Minds. Memory Struggles in Pinochet’s Chile, 1973-1988 (Vol 2)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Sybille Fisher Modernity Disavowed: Haiti and the Cultures of Slavery in the Age of Revolution

MENTION HONORABLE: Steve J. Stern Remembering Pinochet´s Chile: on the Eve of London 1998


LIVRE GAGNANT: Charles L. Briggs and Clara Mantini-Briggs Stories in the Time of Cholera: Racial Profiling during a Medical

MENTION HONORABLE: Leslie Salzinger, Genders in Production. Making Workers in Mexico’s Global Factories


LIVRE GAGNANT: Carmen Diana Deere and Magdalena León, Empowering Women: Land and Property Rights in Latin America (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2002)

MENTION HONORABLE: Francine Masiello, The Art of Transition: Latin American Culture and Neoliberal Crisis (Duke University Press, 2002)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Greg Grandin, The Blood of Guatemala: A History of Race and Nation

MENTION HONORABLE: Louis A. Perez, Jr. On Becoming Cuban: Identity, Nationality and Culture


LIVRE GAGNANT: Friedrich Katz, The Life and Times of Pancha Villa

MENTION HONORABLE: José C. Moya, Cousins and Strangers


LIVRE GAGNANT: Mary Kay Vaughan,Cultural Politics in Revolution: Teachers, Peasants and Schools in Mexico, 1930-1940

MENTION HONORABLE: Terry Karl, The Paradox of Plenty: Oil Booms and Petro-States

MENTION HONORABLE: Carlos Monsivais, Mexican Postcards


LIVRE GAGNANT: William B. Taylor, Magistrates of the Sacred: Priests and Parishioners in Eighteenth Century Mexico

MENTION HONORABLE: Warren Dean, With Broadax and Firebrand: the Destruction of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest


LIVRE GAGNANT: Florencia Mallon, Peasant and Nation: The Making of Postcolonial Mexico and Peru

MENTION HONORABLE: Robert G. Williams, States and Social Evolution: Coffee and the Rise of National Governments in Central America

MENTION HONORABLE: Gustavo Pérez Firmat, Life on the Hyphen: the Cuban-American Way


LIVRE GAGNANT: Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Death Without Weeping: The Violence of Everyday Life in Brazil (Berkeley, 1992 [A Centennial Book])

MENTION HONORABLE: Gordon Brotherston, Book of the Fourth World: Reading the Native Americans through Their History (Cambridge, 1992)

MENTION HONORABLE: Joyce Marcus, Meso-American Writing Systems: Propaganda, Myth and History in Four Ancient Civilizations (Princeton, 1992)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria, Myth and Archives: A Theory of the Latin American Narrative (Cambridge University Press)

PREMIÈRE MENTION HONORABLE: Ramón A. Gutiérrez, When Jesus Came the Corn Mothers Went Away (Stanford University Press)

DEUXIÈME MENTION HONORABLE: Nicholas Shumway,The Invention of Argentina(University of California Press


LIVRE GAGNANT: Paul Drake, The Money Doctor in the Andes: The Kemmerer Missions, 1923-1933

MENTION HONORABLE: Regina Harrison, Signs, Songs, and Memory in the Andes: Translating Quechua Language and Culture (University of Texas Press, 1989)


LIVRE GAGNANT: Thomas Skidmore, The Politics of Military Rule In Brazil, 1964-1985