Frequently Asked Questions - Grants

Who is eligible for a travel grant?

Travel Grants are for people residing in Latin America regardless of their country of origin or status (professor or student).

Student Travel Grants are for students residing anywhere except Latin America.

Non-Tenured Track Grants are given to any non-tenured full time professors residing in the United States. Applications for these grants must include a letter from the university where they are currently employed.

The Fund for Professors outside Latin America and US will be available for professors not in the US or Latin America.

Additionally, there are other track specific grants given via institutions.

Participants who received a travel grant in any of the last three Congresses (2016, 2017, 2018) will not qualify for a grant for the 2019 Congress. Additionally, if LASA was not notified of your inability to attend the congress and your grant was not re-assigned to another possible candidate, you will not be eligible to receive a grant for the 2019 congress.

Individuals who are part of a panel, should request an individual travel grant. The panel organizer should not request a grant for him/her. Each co-author needs to send his/her individual travel grant request, one application for both is not acceptable.

Additionally, individuals who apply for a travel grant must be paper presenters. Workshop/roundtable participants, chairs, discussants and organizers are not eligible for a grant.

When should I expect to know if I have received a grant?

Accepted individuals, who applied for funding by September 6, 2018 (17:00 hours EDT), will be notified about their requests by December 14, 2018.

The level of financial support for congress travel and for lecturing fellowships for Latin America and Caribbean based applicants is limited. We ask that you do not make inquiries to the Program Office, Track Chairs or Section Chairs regarding the status of funding requests. Applications for grants will not be accepted for LASA2019 after the deadline.