Frequently Asked Questions - Proposal Submission

I would like to present a proposal, what are the types of proposals?

You can submit an Individual proposal or a Session (Panel/Workshop/Roundtable) proposal.

What are the differences between Individual and Session proposals?

Individual proposals are evaluated by the Chair of each Track, and if they are accepted, the Chair combines them with others to create a panel. A Panel proposal is a group of individuals who want to submit all of their paper proposals together for consideration by the Chair as a pre-arranged session. A Workshop proposal is a group of individuals who want to hold a roundtable or workshop (sans papers) and submit it for consideration by the Chair as a pre-arranged Session. A Section Panel proposal is a proposal approved and submitted by the Section chairs to represent that section. It is presented by a group of current members from a section does not need to be considered by the Track Chair. There are limited panels for each section.

I would like to propose a panel. Where can I find information on other LASA members looking to be part of a panel?

We would like to encourage authors of individual papers to apply to LASA2019 by forming panels with similar themes or joining panels looking for more papers. To help authors find out about other authors looking for a panel, we have created this page as a service to our members:

Paper Match

"Paper Match" allows members to provide information for others to get in contact with them.

"Paper Match Program Tracks" has a listing of all those individuals interested in joining a panel.

What are the different types of sessions?

  • Panels: Presentation and discussion of papers which are prepared specifically for the congress. Proposals should include a minimum of three and a maximum of five papers. The Program Chairs have the prerogative to add panelists to any session with fewer than five presenters. During the panels, papers should be summarized only, to provide adequate opportunity for discussion and audience participation.
  • Workshops/Roundtables: provide an opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas among several individuals. They are organized to address a theme; discussion is informal and does not include formal paper presentations.
  • Special Events, Meetings and Receptions: time allocated for LASA and non-LASA affiliated meetings, receptions and other special events.

When can I begin to submit paper proposals for LASA2019?

The date to begin submitting papers is July 23rd 2018, and the deadline is September 6th, 2018 (17:00 hours EDT). Additional dates can be found in the website.

Do I need to be a member of LASA in order to submit a proposal?

The following rules apply depending on the type of submission:

  • Individual submissions: The individual submitter and co-authors must be current LASA members to be able to submit a proposal and travel grant request (each co-author must send a separate travel grant request).
  • Session submissions (Panels/Workshops/Roundtables): All members of the session must be current LASA members to be able to be included in the proposal. All participants, as LASA members, can submit their individual travel grant requests.
  • Section panel submissions: All participants in the panel must be current LASA members and current members of that specific section, and eventually for 2019.

All presenters will need to be pre-registered for the congress after their proposal has been approved. You can join online using the form found at:

How long are the sessions?

The length of a session is usually 90 minutes. Please plan to have 12.5 to 15 minutes per presentation.

Can I present two papers in different sessions of the congress? Why can panel participants not also apply for individual paper proposals?

LASA does not allow a participant to submit more than one paper (co-authoring a paper counts towards the one paper limit). This is done to insure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to present their papers. In addition, due to the size of the congress we must limit the number of proposal submissions and participants.

I would like for my paper to be part of a Section session. What should I do?

Please contact the chair of the Section chair directly. The contact information for the Section chairs can be found on the LASA website. All Section proposals must come from the Section chairs.

Can my proposal be specified to more than one program track? What if the chair of a different program track is interested in the topic?

The proposal submission system allows you to specify only one program track for your paper. Please choose where you think your work best fits. If for some reason your proposal does not fit within the first track you selected, it will be sent to the track that the Chair of the program track you sent the proposal to considers best.

Can paper proposals be submitted in languages other than English?

Proposals must be submitted in the language in which they will be presented (English, Spanish, French or Portuguese).

What are the criteria for selecting papers, panels, and workshops?

  • Session proposal or paper is significant for the field and has an appeal for scholars in related fields.
  • Session proposal or paper is clearly and coherently presented.
  • Meet the guidelines for participation
  • For session proposals, diversity of the participants, including place of residence and institution, and level of education.
  • Proposals addressing the 2019 Congress theme Latin American Studies in a Globalized World are encouraged.

What changes am I allowed to make to my proposal after it has been submitted?

The following changes are allowed:

  • updates to contact information and,
  • slight changes to title of paper or session

When should I expect a response regarding the acceptance/rejection of my proposal?

Notifications of acceptance and rejection are scheduled to be sent to all proposers by by November 12, 2018. Additional important dates can be found on our website.