Submission rules

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for LASA2019: Nuestra América: Justice and Inclusion, taking place from May 24th to May 27th in Boston, USA. We are delighted that you have chosen to participate actively in this congress and we look forward to reading your proposal.

When submitting proposals, please follow the five participation rules described below:

Rule 1: Participation Limitation

  • LASA Participants are limited to one paper per congress, no exceptions. If a participant has submitted an individual proposal, s/he may not be added to a panel proposal. Additionally, if a participant is a co-author, that paper counts as the only paper.
  • Participants can only have four active participations per congress. Being an organizer or a contact person does not count towards these participations. The four active participations may take the form of: paper presenter for panels, presenter in a roundtable, presenter in a workshop, discussant or chair. Also, travel grantee applicant is one of the active participations. A presenter is able to present in a workshop or roundtable and a panel.
  • Panel proposals must have a minimum of three and a maximum of five papers. Workshop and roundtable proposals must have a minimum of three participants and there is no maximum.
  • Panels, workshops and roundtables should have at least one session organizer (maximum two), one chair (maximum two) and a discussant (it is not mandatory, but highly recommended).
  • The rules for the section sessions are the same than for the regular sessions.
  • Travel grant requests can only be sent by the participant requesting the grant and can only be given to individuals who have a paper accepted in the congress and to those who have not received a travel grant in the last three congresses (This includes candidates who did not cancel their participation with LASA and therefore did not claim their assigned grant and those who cancelled last minute eliminating the opportunity for another participant to receive the grant).

Rule 2: Membership Requirement

The following rules are related specifically to the type of submission:

  • Individual submissions: The individual submitter and co-author(s) must be/become current LASA members in order to submit a proposal and travel grant request(s). Each co-author must send a separate travel grant request.
  • Panel submissions: All participants in the panel must be/become current LASA members in order to be included in the proposal. All panelists, as LASA members, can submit their individual travel grant requests.
  • Workshop or Roundtable submissions: All participants must be current LASA members in order to be included in the proposal. No workshop/roundtable participants may request a travel grant unless they also have a paper in the congress.
  • Section submissions: All participants must be current LASA members and current members of the specific section where they intend to participate.

The deadline for renewing/obtaining LASA membership for proposal submission is September 6th, 2018 at 17:00 hrs. EDT.

Please do not wait until the deadline to become a member, renew your membership or submit a proposal.

Rule 3: Preregistration

Once a proposal has been approved, all participants are required to register for the congress. Please remember that registration is a different fee from the membership fee. Preregistration must take place before Thursday, March 14th, 2019 (17:00 hrs EDT). If the participant does not register by this deadline, they may be removed from the program book. Additionally, sessions may be cancelled or changed due to insufficient paper presenters.

Rule 4: Paper Delivery

As a paper presenter, you have two important obligations:

  1. To ensure that the members of your panel, especially discussants, receive your paper in time to read it carefully prior to the meeting; and
  2. To submit your paper for congress proceedings and memories. Note: Your paper should not be considered published because it is posted online.

Rule 5: Panel Schedule

Panels are scheduled starting at 9:00 am on Friday, May 24th and concluding at 9:00 pm on Monday, May 27th. Participants are expected to be available for presenting during this time. Please note that scheduling change requests cannot be honored.