LASA2024 Reacción y resistencia: Imaginar futuros posibles en las Américas


Institutions participating as sponsors of LASA2024 are guaranteed visibility beyond what traditional advertising can provide.

LASA Congresses offer exciting opportunities to showcase your organization. We look forward to working with you to create the most impactful sponsorship package to meet your needs. 

Congress Sponsorship Packages

Level 1 

Level 2


Logo recognition on all print and digital convention materials $1,500
Full Page Ad ✔     Featured * ✔     Regular  Featured  $1,200  │  Regular  $900
Banner Ad  ✗ $1,850                            

Total Value




For specifications please refer to Advertising.

* Based on availability.

Exclusive Zoom Sponsor 


Have your organization’s logo (GIF, JPG, or PNG format) appear on every waiting room Zoom screen. The image will be seen tens of thousands of times throughout this hybrid Congress that will be seen around the world. Up to 1MB. The minimum height and width is 60px and the maximum is 400px.

Mailing List Rental

LASA does not sell or release email addresses or our members or Congress attendees.  However, you may purchase LASA’s USPS mailing list to reach scholars on Latin American Studies of your choice. You can choose from thousands of members using multiple selections to ensure the effectiveness of your mailings. LASA has contracted with MGI lists to handle all facets of its member list rental program. Please refer all list inquiries, count request and list order to:

Candy Brecht

Past Sponsors

All prices are listed in US dollars.

Full payments are due at purchase.