Hybrid: On-Site & Virtual

The LASA2024 Congress will be a hybrid event: on-site in Bogotá, Colombia, and virtual. The hybrid component will allow people to attend and participate in person or remotely via the Internet. 

On-site and virtual participants and attendees will have access to all sessions such as panels, workshops, and roundtables, as well as pre-conferences, the Book Exhibit, the Film Festival, and more. 



On-site participants and attendees will be able to access any academic session at the main Congress venue, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in Bogotá, Colombia.

On-site participants must bring their presentation on a USB memory stick

Each classroom in the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana will be equipped with a computer that will be the link between those physically participating in Bogotá and those participating virtually. 

Therefore, it is imperative that all on-site participants bring their presentation files on a USB memory stick and use the computer available in the session classrooms, and not their personal computers or devices.

The computer in each classroom will be connected to a projector and a zoom session. On-site participants and attendees will be able to view your presentation on the screen in the classroom, and virtual participants and attendees will be able to view it through the zoom session.

We kindly request that presenters in the same session share their presentation materials with the chair or organizer of the session in advance so they can bring all session materials on a single USB stick.  

Please arrive early to your session to ensure you have time to transfer your presentation materials to the computer in the classroom before the session starts. To avoid software compatibility problems, speakers are advised to put .ppt, .pptx, and .pdf versions of their presentation on the USB stick. A LASA host will be available to help you transfer all the materials onto the computer and start the session on time.


All the LASA2024 sessions, which can be accessed through the LASA2024 Hub, will happen using the videoconferencing system Zoom. 

The LASA2024 Hub is a website specially designed for the LASA2024 Congress which will have the list of all sessions of the Congress per day. 

By pressing the name of a session in the LASA2024 Hub, virtual participants and attendees will be able to access that corresponding Zoom session with LASA members presenting live at the main Congress venue in Bogotá or anywhere else in the world. 

We recommend that you download the latest version of the Zoom platform in advance of your presentation and use the Zoom Desktop Client to participate. 

The LASA2024 Hub, which is available in Spanish and English, has direct links to download the web version of the Program and request technical help from a LASA specialist.


Time Zone Converter 

Avoid missing a session due to time zone confusion. Please note that as a virtual participant or attendee, you will have online access to sessions happening live in Bogotá, Colombia. Therefore, the hour of the sessions might not be the same in your current location.

Please use the time zone converter inside the LASA2024 Hub when planning the sessions you would like to attend, and more importantly, the sessions where you are participating as a presenter, chair, discussant, or organizer.