Visa Letter and Information

If you plan to attend the LASA2023 Congress in Vancouver, May 24-27, 2023, be sure to check the requirements for travel and entry into Canada.
Most people need either a visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada, but not both. Some people may only need their passport. Find out here if you need a visa to travel to Canada.
Visa processing times currently (August 2022) range from 90 to 125 days for countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru or Uruguay, so we recommend submitting visa applications well in advance of your intended departure date. Check here for approximate visa processing times for your country.
In addition to your visa or eTA, you will need to download the ArriveCAN application to provide mandatory travel and public health information before and after your entry into Canada. For more information, click here.
Please note that while LASA wishes to support you with this process, we do not contact the Embassy or Consulate on your behalf and are not in a position to influence Embassy or Consulate procedures or decisions.

Download visa letter

Letters to support the Canadian visa application are available only for people with the All Access subscription –which includes the LASA2023 registration– valid throughout the Congress.