Memberships Costs

Given the geographical and income diversity of our current membership, LASA has moved, as October 1, 2017, to a more comprehensive model to account for global income disparities and new membership categories for members outside academia and for students.

New membership rates use a two-dimensional model based on the Human Development Index (HDI) of the United Nations and the World Bank classification of income economies to account for income differences worldwide. This model also incorporates new membership categories to account for independent scholars, government officials, grassroots activists, retired professors, etc.

New Individual membership dues are shown in this chart according to salary/category and country of residence. 

New Institutional membership dues are shown in this chart adjusted for country.

Membership fees policy

All members of LASA pay a membership fee. However, LASA will not charge membership fees to any individual whose right to vote at the association level is denied by US legislation or current interpretation thereof.

Membership Refund Policy

LASA memberships are non-refundable.